What Is Behind Top-Mom.com

Who We Are?

Spectra or Medella? How to use pack’n’play mat? What is the best baby formula? Enfamil or Simillac? What toys would be the best for your toddler? Do you need Graco car seat, or you can pick the better alternatives?…

Current days, there are thousand of thousands products available on the market, and dozens of brand-new products appears every day. So it’s hard to find the best one for you, isn’t it? And here we go together.

Top Mom is a website created for mothers in 2019. This website was the very first independent project of the Fiery Beacon Media. We want to be honest with our readers: we didn’t know about the best way to tell about our mission back then. Moreover, we did’t clearly understood how to provide all the things we want to bring for you. Back then.

Today, Tom Mom isn’t a regular review website, where the main goal is to fill the post by affiliate links with no matter and no value. Today, Top Mom is a website where all team members working on the quality to provide you the information that would be definitely useful and trustful. How exactly we are working on it?

Our Main Goals

Our company is our goals in a core. So to know us better, let’s see our main goals:

  • Provide compilled, wrapped and structurized information that can help to make the right final decision;
  • Provide information that are well-researched and proof-checked;
  • Provide information that can really help users and must contain added value;

Why Trust Us

It’s better to show you the main points why can you trust us:

  • All of the product reviews and guides written on the recommendatory nature. We don’t push or endorse users to buy specific product – so we leave a spot for the personal decision.
  • It’s unreal to test thousands of the products. Thus, before publishing, we making thoroughout research on every product, including research of the buyer reviews from the different regions and on the different platforms (social media, forums, etc.).
  • We are choosing the best products only (on our personal decision). That means we don’t pick just the cheapest, or best-rated, or hyped products – we are trying to save the utmost objectivity in every case.
  • We have a team of the professionals who are working with this website. Some of them are in the team (you can check them on the “Our Authors” page), some of them are remote-based professionals around different regions.

How We Analyze and Rate Products

A lot of people worldwide are happy to finally buy things from the comfort of their home. It saves the fuss of going to stores. And picking things, etc. This way we can get what we want just with few clicks. Yet, no one likes bad surprises which are fairly common when you are shopping online.

When you have this kind of experiences becoming quite skeptical about online reviews is very likely to. Because there is no guarantee that they are authentic and objective.

Nevertheless, we are here to show that things can be different. We ensure that reviews and ratings you find on our website are 100% trustworthy. Our team members spend weeks, sometimes even more, to analyze and test each product before creating a review. Once we choose the product we take time to investigate all aspects to be able to clearly name all benefits and shortcomings.

When it comes to ratings in our main focus are the details that we consider crucial for the majority of our customers. Such are prices, performance, features, as well as other factors.

  1. Price. There are so many products everywhere and it’s essential to know what really is a good value for the money before you make a final decision.

  2. Features. We all know that features play an important role in terms of product functionality. That’s why we offer a detailed description of materials quality, durability, functionality, comfort, safety, versatility, and other features.

  3. Performance. The thing you are the most interested in when buying a product is how well it works. That’s why we tested and compared the performance of each product to make your choices easier.