Britax Boulevard vs. Advocate: Who Wins a Baby Car Seats Battle?

Last Updated: 22 April 2021
Britax Boulevard Vs Advocate

Oh, babies! They bring so much joy… and challenges as well. They require so much - your love, affection, and proper care. They need so much - monitor, carrier, crib, stroller, diapers, etc. And, don’t get us started about infant car seats, those are especially something you should pay special attention to, since car accidents are among the leading causes of infant deaths, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. So it’s especially important to make sure that your little bundle of joy is as secure and comfortable as possible.

So after some thorough research, we realized that two of the most popular and trustworthy brands are Britax advocate or boulevard. However, deciding between them turned out to be a lot harder. Both of these models are manufactured by the same company, Britax, and naturally, this means that both of them have pretty much the same value. But there is always the supreme model, and people know it too; that’s why the Britax advocate vs. boulevard dilemma persists. So we want to shed some on this best car seat issue, so we went on to research. And now we wish to share our findings in our Britax convertible car seats comparison. So let’s take a look!

Britax Brand: A Brief Overview

Britax Brand: A Brief Overview

Britax is one of the most known brands in the baby care industry. The policy of Britax is that they are not building baby seats and strollers just to pass the consumer tests with excellent grades. They are making them be the safest they can be in real-life situations. The company was founded in 1938, but initially, it was making automotive safety equipment, such as seat belts, etc. It wasn’t until 1978 that they started making child car seats. According to a lot of baby car seat reviews, Britax brought plenty of innovations to the industry, such as VersaTether and True Side Impact Protection. Nowadays, Britax car seats are regarded by many as seats with the best safety features.

Britax Advocate Overview

Britax Advocate ClickTight Convertible Car Seat
Britax Advocate ClickTight Convertible Car Seat
  • SafeWash: Cover is safe to machine wash and dry, with a knit construction that is naturally flame retardant
  • Easy installation: Patented ClickTight makes car seat installation as simple as buckling a seat belt. Shoulder width is 16 inches
  • Surrounded in safety: 3 layers of side impact protection, steel frame, and impact absorbing base
  • No rethreading, ever: Quick adjust 14 position harness with Click and Safe Snug Indicator gives a click sound when the harness is tight
  • Fits: Rear facing 5 to 40 pounds and forward facing 20 to 65 pounds; Dimensions: 23 x 20 x 23.5 inches (LxWxH)

The Britax advocate clicktight reviews show that this is one of the safest models on the market. It is necessary to say that it solves two of the most common problems parents encounter – installation and, getting the straps to fit properly. It is easy to install whether you want to use it as a rear-facing seat for infants or a front-facing seat for toddlers. Brotx Advocate features several types of protection – SafeCell Impact protection and three layers of side impact protection. It comes with a 14-pound harness and a buckle that you can move to accommodate newborns, infants, and toddlers.

Key Features

Safety features: It comes with a multi-layered headrest and external cushions to shield the baby. Same as a base, these layers are made of energy-absorbing foam, which can divert the energy from the child in case of a crash.

Weight range: It is designed for children weighing between 5 to 65 pounds. It means that it is suitable from birth to the moment the child outgrows it.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
  • Comfort
  • Safety
  • Convertible
  • Easy to Install
  • Heavy
  • It can be hard to remove from the car
  • Pricey

Britax Boulevard Overview

Britax Boulevard ClickTight Anti-Rebound Bar Convertible Car Seat
Britax Boulevard ClickTight Anti-Rebound Bar Convertible Car Seat
  • 2-IN-1 CONVERTIBLE CAR SEAT: easily transitions from rear-facing mode to forward-facing mode as your child grows from baby to toddler
  • STAY CLEAN: Nanotex technology resists stains, moisture and odor to keep life's little messes your little secret
  • ANTI REBOUND BAR: helps reduce movement in the event of a crash for added safety; rear-facing only
  • INSTALL CONFIDENTLY: with ClickTight, you know it's right in just 3 easy steps: open, buckle, close
  • BRITAX SAFETY: high strength steel frame & crumple zone help absorb crash energy; patented v-shaped tether

Britax Boulevard is a top-notch convertible car seat for kids. It provides exceptional comfort, safety and it is easy to install. It features a headrest harness height adjustment that is super easy to use. Britax Boulevard offers superb protection because it comes with a steel frame. Moreover, this infant car seat has an impact-absorbing base and two layers of side impact protection. All of that together by far exceeds federal safety standards. According to Britax boulevard clicktight reviews, this car seat is best known for safety, innovation, and reliability.

Key Features

Safety. It comes with a steel frame, impact-absorbing base, and two-layer side impact protection. It also has 14 position headrest.

Comfort. The seat is completely padded. It also features a seven-position recline to accommodate your kid’s preferences.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Safety and impact protection
  • Adjustable incline and harness keep kids protected as they grow
  • The cover is not machine washable
  • No cup holders
  • Expensive

Britax Boulevard vs. Advocate Comparison

Britax Advocate Britax Boulevard
NHTSA Overall ease of use rating RF 5 stars 4 stars
NHTSA Overall ease of use rating FF 5 stars 5 stars
Side impact protection 3 layers 4 layers
Impact-absorbing base Compresses to reduce the force of the collision Compresses to reduce the force of the collision
Steel frame Yes Yes
Weight 30.6 pounds 29.4 pounds
Width 20.5 inches 18.5 inches
14 position harness system No re-threading necessary No re-threading necessary
Child height limit 49 inches or less 49 inches or less
Child weight limit RF 5-40 pounds 5-40 pounds
Child weight limit FF 20-65 pounds 20-65 pounds
Clicktight installation system Safe & easy to use Safe & easy to use
Plush Foam padding and fabric For maximum comfort For maximum comfort

Safety Standards

Safety Standards

Car crashes are the leading cause of injury and death for children. Center for Disease Control and Prevention indicates that car seats reduce the risk of injury by 71 -82 percent. When looking at Britax car seat comparisons, you see that both of these models have safety features that maximally satisfy federal safety requirements.

Size Limits

Comparing Britax boulevard vs. advocate child seat, you see that both models have some weight and height limits. Therefore, whichever one you choose, you will be able to use it from the moment your kid is born to about six years. Just keep in mind that for newborns and infants, you should use the rear-facing option, and for older kids, front-facing.

Side Impact Protection

Looking at this feature, we clearly see the difference between Britax boulevard vs. advocate. Advocate has three-layer side impact protection, which makes it a slightly safer option. Boulevard features two-layer side impact protection.

How to Install Britax Car Seat?

Looking at Britax advocate vs. boulevard, you can notice that both come with Clicktight technology for installation. The system allows for some simple and straightforward installation. Make sure to follow the manual, and you will set up your seat in two shakes of a lamb’s tail!

How Do I Make Sure My car Seat is installed Properly?

The best thing you can do is to read and follow the instructions. However, there is also a simple test that can show you whether everything is okay. You can shake the seat a bit. If it seems to be loose, then check all the screws and latches.


How to Install Britax Car Seat?

All and all these are indeed some of the best convertible car seats. If you compare Britax boulevard vs. advocate and all of their features you’ll see that they are very similar in terms of comfort and safety. Plus, they are also in the same price range. So how do you choose? Well, Advocate has three layers of protection, which makes it safer. Boulevard, on the other hand, is a bit lighter in weight. So if you put more emphasis on safety t go with the former option, and choose the latter if you look for a lighter seat. So which do you think is the best option among these? Do you have experience with any of them?

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