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Best Middle Name for Kennedy: Which to Choose in 2021?

Best Middle Name for Kennedy: Which to Choose in 2021?
Last Updated: 27 July 2021

Finding the perfect middle name is a pretty important task for any parent. And while you’re not legally have to give your child a middle name, many parents still choose to for specific reasons: to honor someone they care about, make their kiddo stand out more among peers e.t.c. Moreover, there are plenty of benefits of a middle name:

Middle Name for Kennedy
  • It’s a perfect way to compromise if you can’t agree on the first name.
  • It’s an alternative name option your child can use when they’re older.
  • A middle name helps to uphold family naming traditions.
  • It’s easier to make cool words from the initials with more than two letters.
  • Makes your child stand out among people with the same first name or surname.
  • A middle name can improve future job prospects. In fact, a recent study showed having a middle name boosted a person’s perceived status.

So it would be a pretty good idea to consider a good middle name for Kennedy girl or boy. But what makes a good middle name? Well, it’s personal for everyone, but generally a good name is the one you love, agree and like the meaning and if it goes well with the first and last name.

Thus, we’ve decided to share with you a couple of best middle names for Kennedy, and see if any of these would be perfect for your little bundle of joy!

What Does the Name Kennedy Mean

First of all, let’s learn more about the Kennedy name meaning. Kennedy is of Scottish and Irish origin and means “chief with helmet”. It’s derived from an Irish Anglicized version of Cinneidigh. And In the United States, it’s popular as the surname of John F. Kennedy, the 35th president of the United States.

You can spell Kennedy in several ways, including:

What Does the Name Kennedy Mean
  • Kennedi
  • Kynedi
  • Kynnedi
  • Kennedey
  • Khenedi
  • Kennydi
  • Kennedee
  • Kennedey
  • Kennidee
  • Kinnedy

What’s pretty great is that Kennedy is unisex name, and in recent years a lot of parents settle on a more gender-neutural names. And you can either follow the same pattern by choosing a more gender-neutral middle name, or find some feminine cute middle names for Kennedy girl.

And just like finding a good middle name for Carter, you want to pair Kennedy with a name that compliments the personality of your child. It’s easy to find middle names to go with Kennedy as there are many options that rhyme with it and also offer good meaning.

Best Middle Names for Kennedy

Best Middle Names for a Kennedy Girl

Here are some good Kennedy baby girl name options:

Name Meaning Origin Popularity
Emma Whole German ****
Maia Brave or confident Greek ***
Charlotte Petite French ****
Ella Beautiful Greek ***
Aria Lioness Italian ***
Louisa Famous warrior German ***
Olivia Olive tree Latin ****
Elena Shining light German ****
Celia Heaven Latin ***
Zara Radiance Arabic ****
Adeline Noble/nobility French ****
Emmeline Work German ***
Elise My God is abundance French ****
Maren Star of the sea Latin ***
Nora Honor Greek ***
Mabel Lovable/dear Latin ***
Willow Freedom English ***

Best Middle Names for a Kennedy Boy

And here are some good middle names for Kennedy boy:

Name Meaning Origin Popularity
Aiden Fiery Irish ****
Blake Dark; Fair-haired English ***
Dylan Son of the sea Welsh ***
Michael Who is like God?; There is none like God Hebrew ****
Jacob Supplenter Hebrew ****
Finn Fair Irish **
Hayes Hedged area Old English **
Dominique Of the Lord French **
Sebastian Venerable Greek ***
Felix Happy Latin ****
Diego Supplanter Spanish ***
Matteo Gift of God Italian ****
Aaron Mountain of strength Hebrew **
Liam Protection German ****
Marcus Dedicated to Mars Latin **

middle names for kennedy


And these are some of the best middle names that go with Kennedy, in our opinion! All and all when choosing a good middle name for Kennedy girl or boy, remember to look for the one that blends perfectly with the first and last name. For example, you can find a name and say it out loudly together with the first and last name. If the middle name makes the full name sound weird, then look up something else. Also, check the initials of the names to see if they combine well, and avoid initials that might spell something weird or offensive.So keep these in mind, and you will find a great middle name for Kennedy in no time!

So, which of these do you like the most? Or perhaps you have your own favorite? Then feel free to share your personal best middle name for Kennedy! Perhaps you’ll help someone find a perfect option for their little one!

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