Best Nerdy Names for Your Baby in 2021 Best Nerdy Names for Your Baby in 2021
Last Updated: 27 July 2021

Naming a newborn baby is one of the toughest decisions that parents undertake. So naturally, you might want your little one to have a pretty, fitting but also unique. Thus, some parents decide to give their kids some nerdy names. But what are these, you may wonder? What makes nerdy, or some would say dorky names? Usually, a geek boy or girl names are inspired by characters from various “geeky-related stuff” – comic books, sci-fi movies, superheroes e.t.c.

Not long ago, the term “nerd” was used quite derogatorily, almost as an insult. But in recent times (with the slogan “smart is the new cool”) nerd is no longer an insult. Eminent smart personalities like Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg have become the inspiration of the youth, and TV series like The Big Bang Theory have glamorized the geeky way of life.

Thus if you too are into a geeky lifestyle and looking for the right nerdy names for your baby, we would be happy to share with you these awesome dorky names.

Best Nerdy Names for Boys

If you are having a baby boy and looking for nerdy boy names, here are some awesome geek boy names you can consider:

Name Meaning Origin Popularity
Alfred Elf counsel Old English ****
Alistair Defending man Greek ***
Sheldon Steep Valley Old English **
Dexter Skilled Latin ****
James One who follows Hebrew *****
William Strong warrior/ resolute protector German *****
Virgil Flourishing Roman ****
Logan Little hollow Scottish *****
Xavier Bright/splendidg Spanish *****
Bruce Willowlands English *****

Best Nerdy Names for Girls

There are also a lot of beautiful geeky girl names! So let’s take a look at some cute nerdy girl names, and see if any of them would suit your little princess!

Name Meaning Origin Popularity
Leia Weary Hebrew ***
Lagertha She was a fierce Viking shield maiden Old Norse *****
Raven Name of the bird/ Dark-haired/Wise English ***
Brienne Hill Celtic ****
Carol Warrior Germanic *****
Cordelia Heart or a sacred object Welsh *****
Selina Moon Ancient Greek *****
Kara Beloved Italian ****
Quinn Descendant of the chief Irish ****
Morrigan Phantom Queen Irish **

Best Unisex Nerdy Names

And if you’re not interested in nether geeky girl names or nerdy male names, you can give your kiddo a gender-neutral name – they have become quite popular these days. Here are some of such:

Name Origin Meaning Popularity
Kit English Follower of Christ ***
Jamie Scottish Diminutive of James *****
River English Body of water ****
Jean English God is grecious ***

How to Choose a Good Name for Your Kiddo?

Some people look for names that just sound nice; others want them to have a special meaning, hence why oftentimes people look up names meaning ghost, flower, space and gods-related e.t.c. But regardless of what name you want, you must always remember a couple of rules.

So what you need to keep in mind when you want to choose the best among the nerdy baby names:

Go with an Enduring Name

Avoid names that are passing trends. Try to go for names that have stood the test of time. Every parent loves to assign an uncommon name to their child, yes. But that does not mean one will go for straight-up weird names that can make your child embarrassed in the future. Thus pick a name that is nerdy but popular at the same time.

Play Around with Meaning

In case you want to give your child a dorky name but at the same time want to have a particular meaning to it, you must work a little harder. There are several nerdy names that will coincide with the kind of meaning you want to associate with your child’s name. For example, if you’re a Marvel or Norse mythology fan, you can look up names meaning trickster to name your child, let’s say, after the god of mischief Loki.

Give Importance to Initials

While looking for some nerdy names for your little bundle of joy, make sure that you do not come up with a name that gives your child a weird initial. It also shouldn’t spell something ridiculous or offensive.

Choose a Middle Name

Assigning a middle name to the child opens up a possibility of playing around with not one but two cute nerdy names. However, make sure that the two names, as well as the last name, go well together.

Say it Out Loud

Speaking out loud is very important not only for nerdy names but also for the middle one. So listen to how the name sounds, whether it goes well with the last name, and listen whether you like it or not.

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Final Words

And that’s all the girls, boys, and unisex nerdy names that we wanted to share! So which of these is your favorite? Or perhaps you have your own ideas for cool nerd names? Then feel free to share your favorite picks and faves in the comments below! Maybe you’ll help someone find a perfect option for their little angel!

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