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  • Dairy and Soy Free Formula (Review & Buyer’s Guide 2021)
    • Dairy and Soy Free Formula (Review & Buyer’s Guide 2021)
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    • Everybody will always tell you that the best thing you can do for your little one is to breastfeed them. After all, breastfeeding protects your child from diseases, improves their immunity, etc. However, there is some situation when women can’t breastfeed, whether due to very low milk supply, taking certain medication, health issues and so forth. Whatever the reason, in such situations, you need to feed your bundle of joy ...
  • Miku vs. Nanit
    • Miku vs. Nanit: What Is The Best Video Baby Monitor?
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    • Ah, parenting... Undoubtedly, there is no greater joy than bringing a newborn home. But it also brings a lot of stress! Even before childbirth, you start worrying about whether you have everything you and your baby need, will you do everything right, etc. We remember how it was we brought Jason home! We couldn't stop staring at this little human peacefully sleeping in ...
  • How many bibs do i need
    • The Number of Bibs Your Baby Needs
    • New parents have often asked themselves: “how many bibs do I need?” among other questions regarding the eating and sleeping of a baby. Parenting is not easy but can be made so. There are several ways that may help you do so and finding the right answer to how many bibs do I need could be the start. Let us begin by answering why do babies need feeding bibs: [image ...
  • Graco SnugRide 30 Vs 35
    • Graco SnugRide 30 Vs 35: Make Your Final Choice
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    • As long as we are on the topic of convertible car seats for children, Graco SnugRide 30 and 35 are bound to take up a larger chunk of the conversation. After all, both Graco SnugRide 30 vs 35 are among the best convertible car seats out there. And as parents, we cannot settle for just an average item - only the ...
  • Nanit vs Owlet
    • Nanit vs Owlet Review: Pick the Best Monitor for Your Baby
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    • Parenting is a bliss, but it comes with its baggage of parental anxiety and stress. It is impossible for a parent to constantly sit with the child, and thus an alternative that lets them do their job AND monitor the child would be a huge help. When it comes to baby monitors, Nanit vs Owlet is an ongoing debate and most ...
  • Graco Extend2fit Vs 4ever
    • Graco Extend2fit Vs 4ever: Which Car Seat to Choose?
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    • Parents have become more aware of their child’s safety. And since researches show that children should be kept in car seats for longer, it has become a major concern. You know another reason car seats are important? In 2017, 325 children aged under 5 were saved by car seats. So in order to protect your little one, you have to invest in ...
  • Glider Vs Rocker
    • The Difference Between Glider And Rocker: Which is The Best For The Nursery?
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    • As a parent-to-be, you’re probably spending hours researching cribs, clothes and other stuff for your little one. It’s time for your next destination - a chair for nursery. The most popular models are gliders and rockers, both of which are a great investment! Because either a glider or rocker for nursery gives you a comfortable place to feed or lull your baby to sleep. However when we’re talking about the ...
  • Moses Basket Bassinet
    • Choosing the Best Moses Basket Bassinet for Your Little One
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    • The birth of a child is of the happiest events in a parent's life. Children bring a lot of joy and transform our lives completely in a way that we understand what is truly important! This is something that we hear all the time, isn't it? What people rarely say is that this joyful event also brings a list of things you need to buy and prepare. One of the ...
  • Sittercity Vs Care
    • Sittercity Vs Care: Which Nanny Service is Better in 2021?
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    • Child care is weirdly the last thing that comes to our minds when a baby is due. Probably because we tend to be more occupied with the child's healthcare and other things, and this slips from the mind. But when it comes to child care, Sittercity and Care are the best sites out there. So here's a bit of a Sittercity vs Care ...
  • Mamaroo vs Rockaroo
    • Which Baby Swing is the Best for Your Child: Mamaroo or Rockaroo?
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    • Parents browsing for swings, rockers, and bouncers for their little ones often come across the highly reputed brand - 4moms. Two of their best-selling baby swings are Mamaroo and Rockaroo. And it’s uneasy to choose between mamaroo or rockaroo because both are really versatile and comfortable, We’ve decided to help our readers, and make our own mamaroo vs. rockaroo review will compare both the products and ...