17 Baby Beach Essentials Every Parent Should Have

17 Baby Beach Essentials Every Parent Should Have
Last Updated: 02 August 2021

When you are on the beach, it’s important not to forget any baby beach items. As a parent, there’s a responsibility to take care of your child, helping them out, so they don’t get harm. The shore is an environment that is far removed from the beach, so what should you take there? Here, we’re going to look at all the baby beach essentials and baby beach accessories that you’ll require at the shore.

1. Sunscreen

It’s important to protect the little one from the sun, so this is a vital part of the best baby beach gear. It often doesn’t feel great to apply: gooey, less spreadable than a lotion and skin is full of sand within five minutes, but it’s essential for kids. UV is very dangerous for skin, potentially causing sunburn and increased risk of cancer or other diseases. One thing that you can do is to set up a timer on your phone to see how long it takes for sunscreen to last. If using SPF 40, for instance, apply onto skin every 40 minutes.

2 + 3 + 4. Beach Tent, Umbrellas and Chairs

Beach Tent, Umbrellas and Chairs

Most of the time, finding some shade might be quite difficult, and so you’ll want to bring your own things to create it. A few items are available to take: a beach tent and an umbrella. Beaches don’t come with places to sit in comfort for a very long time. You and your baby are going to get very hot and tired soon! Chairs are also essential to provide comfort for both of you, so they’re a piece of required beach equipment, especially when sand is scorching. When going to the shore, pack one of these items, then see what happens.

4 + 5. Beach Totes and Wet Bags

Beach totes are essential items to include, because they can be used to carry a large number of items, like your best toys for toddlers, baby towels, sunscreen, snacks, etc. Totes that are easy to wipe and clean are a must because of all the water and sand that can accumulate garbage at the coast. Things are bound to get very dirty. Separate totes should also be bought, i.e., wet bags, which you can throw anything wet into, such as swimsuits, towels plus baby shoes – no one wants this to touch their clean items.

6 + 7. Swimsuits and Hats

Swimsuits and Hats

Think of the implications of not wearing a hat – lobster ears, forehead, and body. Even within a few hours, you could do some serious damage, making it potentially very dangerous for babies. It’s paramount to keep a child’s head under protection and shade from the sun, so investment in the best baby sun hat you can buy is a great idea. The summer sun is hot and full of intense UV rays, especially if the sky is clear. If you can, purchase a swim shirt + swim trunks, which cover well and contain SPF within the actual fabric. Give yourself peace of mind that your child is getting protection from any potentially harmful rays.

8. Diapers for Swimming

This is a message for all mothers: never let your child go to the beach without bringing best baby swim diapers with you! If you make this mistake, regret is definitely on the cards. These diapers are not the same as regular ones because they’re designed to hold absolutely everything in – poo, pulp and all, especially when a child plays around in the water. Babies that wear regular diapers need to have them changed as they approach the shore. When the child is ready to play in the water, put the best diaper for swimming on. Special diapers are indeed baby beach essentials. When they’re ready to leave, put the regular one back on.

9. Floatation Devices

Floatation Devices

Safety is the most crucial thing down at the coast, so flotation devices are must-haves. When safe, your time can also be a lot less stressful. If a baby can’t walk just yet, it’s a good idea to blow up floating with some leg holes in it, so they can sit in comfortably. If your child can walk or run, take arm floatation devices, which are baby beach essentials that can be strapped on. It’s really important that a child’s face is kept high up above the water. If there are waves, they can knock a kid over, stinging him or her with all the saltwater up to their nose.

10 + 11. Snacks and Water

Hot summer sun and all the fun on the beach may cause high levels of thirst and hunger. Make sure that when you’re going to the shore, you have a lot of things to eat and drink, such as items from following checklist:

After purchasing any of these products, you’ll be at ease, and children will be highly satisfied. Hydration is not only a preference, but it is also a must, especially for little kids.

12 + 13. Blanket and Towel

Blanket and Towel

Using a towel is very important because the ground is hot. It’s important to prevent both, you and your kid, from getting sand all over the place, plus keeping dry is essential after coming in and out of the water. Keeping a lightweight blanket is ideal if children want to take a little nap on the beach, and you want to protect them while sleeping as well. Providing cover to a body can work as a lifesaver, making blankets together with towels brilliant beach stuff for babies.

14. Entertainment and Toys

Even though the beach is an exciting and fun place, there is only a certain number of activities that kids can do there. For this reason, it’s essential to take some entertainment along, so that no one becomes bored. There are several different baby beach products that can be taken, for instance, buckets to create sandcastles, dig or collect some amusing stones. Favorite toys are essential for every baby beach checklist.

15. Water Shoes

Water Shoes

Most of the time when someone’s on the shore, sand can become very hot. It can be hard for babies and young children to tolerate, so do find some water shoes which have thick soles to provide long-lasting protection. These are a must-have, especially when running or walking around. Special water shoes are very lightweight and can improve almost any beach activity because they prevent heat from burning underside foot skin. It doesn’t matter whether your child can walk around or not, get into a habit of packing water shoes in a beach bag for your newborn.

16. Items to Clean with

Shorelines are places that look pristine and beautiful at first, but there are, actually, ample opportunities to get dirty. Just think about sand – this gets EVERYWHERE, especially when you travel. If there are bathrooms, they aren’t the prettiest places either and are usually always wet or dirty. If sitting, take supplies to provide cleanliness when you need it.

Sanitizers are quick and easy to use, so stock up on them. If you can use it and showers are at the shore, you might want to bring a bar of soap and shampoo. Baby wipes are beach supplies that every parent needs to have for their toddlers. They’re not just for diaper changes, but also for wiping dirt and sand from cute little faces and hands. Paper towel is an item that has multiple functions in terms of keeping clean, especially after having a snack.

17. Portable Fan


This is an item for keeping baby cool, and it really comes in handy. When there is a concern about kid’s beach accessories, it’s important to think about temperature. Often it can become too hot, especially when there’s no wind or breeze, yet people don’t want to leave. At this point, that blasting cool air from a fan is an appropriate temporary solution, so take one with you.

Wrap Up

Every vacation or trip to the shore demands a series of baby beach vacation essentials, so get some of these items. These are all proven to be beach necessities for babies and well worth investment, even if kids are moving past toddler age. It’s a great idea to make a purchase.

Do you have a baby? Any baby beach supplies or newborn beach essentials that you think we’ve left out? Do let us know! Share your opinion with parenthoodroutine in the comments below.

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