Best Baby Books on Kickstarter: Most Successful Projects of 2019

Best Baby Books on Kickstarter: Most Successful Projects of 2019
Last Updated: 03 August 2021

Kickstarter children’s books may not seem like they are worth the investment at first. However, many talented children’s books that deliver beautiful artwork along with a life lesson can be found. Small authors often don’t get the credit they deserve because they want to create an amazing book, but their budget restricts them.

books for babies 6 to 12 months

Authors of these popular children’s books often have hands-on experience with children and write from their hearts. Stories include thrilling tales of a mixture of real-life events paired with fantasy. Each book includes beautifully drawn artwork for the best baby book first year and adult-friendly. If you’re looking for a loving tale to read to your child, then we can highly recommend investing in Kickstarter baby products.

The two adventure books for kids we’re discussing today are amazing original stories crafted to please both adults and can be considered the best baby books first year. The tales are very different, but feature artwork, music, and audio to complement the storytelling of the book and create a unique experience.

Each author’s story teaches valuable life lessons and empowers young women to follow their dreams. If you’re looking for a story that blends hopes, dreams, reality mixed with fantasy, then you can’t go wrong, backing the best baby books 2019 on Kickstarter. Baby books are highly crucial as they spark creativity and boost imagination in little children.

The Little Girl, The Ocean, and The Moon: A Children’s Book

Ivy Kwong is an aspiring writer who wanted to create a fictional character that represented her Asian-American heritage. The best children books are suitable for both adults and children, making it an excellent pick for those looking for unique storytelling.

The Little Girl, The Ocean, and The Moon A Children’s Book

The underlying message in The Little Girl, The Ocean, and The Moon is to help reconnect with your childhood dreams and go through all the feelings of creativity, curiosity, and wonders. She wants to spread that it isn’t too late to follow your dreams and that there’s no better time than now to do so. The impact of the book is not only great for your child but also sends a positive message to you as well.

The tale is aimed to help support both young and old girls to help break from the norm stereotypes that are placed upon them as they grow up. If you’re told to be quiet and reserved ad taught to put everyone else’s needs before your own, then this tale can help you break free.

As for the story, it starts with a young girl whose dream is to see the ocean and the moon. However, as life goes on, she realizes that maybe she wouldn’t be able ever to make that dream come true. Her parents didn’t support her goals, but as she got older as an adult, she realized that maybe she could accomplish what she truly wanted.

She finds a job, works hard, and as she is lulled to sleep one night, remembers her dream when she was young. The little girl tells her everything she wanted to do, including seeing the ocean and the moon. At first, she doesn’t believe that it’s relevant or valuable that this happens, but soon enough, a thought dawned on her.

Living a life full of unaccomplished dreams is just too sad, so she sets off to make her dream a reality. It is only then that she realizes that the goal wasn’t impossible, nor too much to ask. She had worked hard only to accomplish what she set her mind out to do. As you can see, the book itself has a strong message for kids that they shouldn’t be afraid to ream.

About the Ivy Kwong

About the Ivy Kwong

The author Ivy Kwong is a first-time children’s writer who is a first-generation Asian American woman born in Komo, IN, and was raised in Rochester Hills, MI. Her current job is working as a psychotherapist who specializes in healing codependency and self-healing techniques.

What makes her stand out amongst other children to book writers is that she doesn’t have any children herself. She focuses her books on her four years old and six-year-old nephew’s dreams. She’s always wanted to create books that send a positive message to both the parent and child.

Lullaby-Baby’s First Book

Lullaby Baby’s First Book

Another Kickstarter book you won’t want to put down is the Lullaby-Baby’s First Book. The best books for preschoolers are aimed towards all audiences and are enjoyable for parents as well as the child. Do you know how some childhood books tend to stick with you throughout the rest of your life? Well, that’s what Katrina is doing with this book precisely.

The best books for babies 6 to 12 months isn’t just one collective story, but merely a chapter of a story. Katrina plans to continue the story and grow it as much as possible after she gets more funding. The first chapter will introduce her character Sydney the Koala, and their daily struggles. These heartwarming collections will also feature more than 25 other pre-written stories.

Lullaby Baby’s First Book Example

There will also be music that can be used while you’re reading to your little one, paired with the stories. The music is perfectly crafted for the story and helps create an even more subversive experience while reading. Lastly, the book will also include detailed artwork of multiple characters, including the whole koala family.

There are hints that there will be multiple stories, including other original characters, which will include their own story. However, little is known as to what the future stories are like. Katrina has listed a few different story artwork, hinting at possible characters such as unicorns, dragons, and much more.

These collective adventure books for kids will all have a positive message and are not aimed towards young women. Instead, her stories will provide powerful words for both little boys and girls. The series includes a wide range of characters, worlds, and strong messages. If you’re looking for a continuing series to gift books for baby shower, then you can’t go wrong with the Lullaby-Baby’s first book.

About the Katrina Jadkowski

About the Katrina Jadkowski

Katrina Jadkowski, or otherwise known as Miss Kitty, is a children’s book author and poet. She works hard to put out quality books that bring a positive message to both you and your child. While Katrina is excellent at storytelling, she’s not too fond of drawing. Instead, she’s paired her efforts with an illustrator and used her strong suits to voice the book with the addition of music.

After searching for an illustrator for her story, she was introduced to Valentina Iacopinelli, whose art style perfectly captured her vision. The designs are cute, creative, and all characters were mimicked after real-life animals, friends, and family members.

Shakespeare for babies: real literature to read on a lap

Shakespeare for babies: real literature to read on a lap

A few years ago, Erin Nelsen Parekh found that reading her children’s bedtime stories was numbing the mind of her toddler. Just like a lot of other parents out there, she could recite many of the books she was reading from memory. However, unlike many other parents, she is also an editor and writer by trade, so she put her mind on creating a new book, and Shakespeare for babies: real literature to read on a lap was born.

A slightly ambitious task ahead but Parekh was able to work closely with her illustrator and raise money to cover preliminary production costs. Soon after, Parekh worked on adapting the timeless story of Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream and released it in 2017. As she worked on, she worked on similar adaptations for The Tempest.

Time has gone by, but Parkekh’s ambitions have not dwindled. Even after repeated readings to her children, she has never managed to get bored yet, and her children remain both thoroughly engaged and entertained by all the content. Her work does not recount the entirety of any Shakespeare story. Instead, it covers the main points in a child-friendly manner with fantastic and engaging artwork spanning just over 20 pages in length. They are mini, and children love them. The playful illustrations add to the gripping stories to bring the heart of Shakespeare’s work to life.

Not only is the content thrilling for all, but the author has also managed to enhance the appeal using clever use of metering, rhyming, and other literary techniques to dramatize. Much more engaging than any of the best educational toys money can buy! The result is that the work is thoroughly engaging to anyone who has it read to them, and entertaining for parents too.

In summary, Erin has brought Shakespeare to life with stories that both toddlers and young ones love to listen to. Everyone participating in the tale goes on a mini-journey with rhythm, captivating illustrations, and rhyme. Every story features many different animals, humorous actions, and the real essence of that Shakespearean adventure. For any parent with a child aged between 0 and 3, this is a beautiful way of introducing their loved ones to classic prose and poems without making them bored or letting their attention wander. Kids can quickly pay attention to age-appropriate content and will get a real appreciation for classic literature early on. It’s merely a book that has much more to offer children than any of their best educational toys.

About the Erin Nelsen Parekh

About the Erin Nelsen Parekh

An established children’s writer Erin Nelsen Parekh first started writing children’s books when noticing that her little ones weren’t engaging with any of the books she was reading them. Since then, Parekh has been very busy creating captivating books for children. Erin has written a lot of pieces but typically writes to engage the 0-3-year-old audience, usually trying to grab their attention. The unique way in which Erin writes allows her work to shine for both children and adults who are reading it.


As you can see, Kickstarter literature creates a fantastic world, and both of these stories are the best books for kindergarten and best books for preschoolers. Each of these stories combines storytelling with life lessons and provide stunning artwork that captures your little one’s attention.

The authors believe that dreams and aspirations start at a young age. They want to provide stories that will be remembered throughout your little one’s childhood, such as other famous stories. The only difference is that these authors seek help to fundraise their dreams.

If you’re looking to invest in either of these Kickstarter campaigns, you’ll be profoundly thanked, and your donations will help support The Little Girl, The Ocean, and The Moon or the Lullaby-Baby’s First Book, which are modern baby memory books. Each author includes generous, unique copies of the book as perfect as gifts. Feel free to comment below about the best baby books 2019 for new moms.

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