Best Exotic Names for Your Little Prince

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Last Updated: 12 August 2021

Finding a name for your little one is always a challenge. There are just so many things to consider – what’s the meaning of this name? Can you make a good nickname out of it? But, most importantly, will it be a good option for your kiddo?

But another thing a lot of parents want is for their kiddo to be unique. That’s why many want to find some good exotic names for boys or girls. And our focus today will be on the XY chromosome carriers.

So then let’s take a look at what are some of the best exotic boy names, to see if any of these would be a good option for your little one!

Why Choose an Exotic Name for Your Boy?

A lot of people in recent years have decided to give their children more unique baby names. Some go with names special to parents – such as the name of their favorite gemstone, flower, or even a location. Others choose more nerdy names – after their favorite book or movie character. Exotic names for boys are also becoming quite popular.

Many parents want to make their kiddo stand out from mundane and common options, and go with some foreign boy names. And there are several reasons to go with more exotic male names: from the uniqueness aspect to cultural legacy or even just personal preference. Moreover, it has a spiritual and ancient historical touch to it. The West has its history of getting spiritually inspired from the exotic lands of the East and selecting exotic baby boy names is a way of returning to the tradition.

The Best Exotic Names for Boys

So let’s take a look at some of these exotic boy names and meanings, to see if any of these would be good for your kiddo!

Ade Crown or king African ****
Alif Alphabet Urdu *****
Amir Prince Arabic ****
Asher Happy Hebrew ****
Avel Russian version of the Hebrew name Abe Hebrew *****
Axel Father of peace Danish *****
Ren Water lily Japan *****
Lazar God helps Serbian *****
Azrael A popular angel in Islamic books Arabic *****
Danial God is my judge Hebrew *****
Milan Kind, loving, and gracious Slavic *****
Eugene Wellborn Greek *****
Adomas Pledge Hungarian *****
Sulaiman Peace Hebrew ****
Tafari One who inspires awe Amharic ***
Tau Lion African ***
Ulric Prosperity and power Scandanavian ****
Vancho God is gracious Macedonian ***
Alistair Defender of men Scottish *****
Berkeley Solid and firm Turkish *****
Bergren The courage of a bear French ****
Brandon Dweller on a burned clearing German *****
Brencis Strong in conflict Irish ****
Kofi Born on Friday Ghana ***
Jabari Brave Swahili ***
Felipe Friend of horses Spanish ****
Chander Moon Hindi ***
Firdaus Paradise Arabic ****
Azan Prayer Arabic ****
Girish Lord of mountain Hindi ***
Gracian Grace Occitan *****
Cato All-knowing Latin *****
Desmond Man of the World Celtic *****

Tips to Choose the Right Name for Your Baby Boy

Whether you are looking for foreign names for boys or native ones, there are certain rules that you must keep in mind before choosing the perfect one:

  • Always look for names from different origins. Don’t just set up on German or Latin names only – branch out!
  • Make sure that you look up the meaning before you decide on the name. A name with a good meaning is always better than one that only sounds good.
  • Say it out loud and involve your family and friends in the process. Ask for their valuable and honest feedback.
  • In case you want to go for a middle name, select one that goes well with both the first and the last name.
  • Lastly, see if the initials don’t form a weird, funny or inappropriate abbreviature.

Final Words

As you see, there are many amazing exotic boy names to consider. Thus keep in mind the meaning of the name, its meaning, how well it goes with the first and last name. And, most importantly, just make sure that the name sounds great and you love it! There are plenty of great sounding and soft boy names, of various origins, so you should have no trouble choosing the best one!

So, which of these exotic guy names is your favourite? Or perhaps you have in mind some other good name? Then feel free to share your favorite foreign names for boys in the comments below!

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