Best Ukrainian Girl Names for Your Daughter

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Last Updated: 04 August 2021

Finding the right name for your newborn girl is one of the most challenging and responsible things to do. And when you want to find some beautiful one Ukrainian girl names might be a really good option to consider. It is not just a whim that Ukrainian names are so recommended for girls, as they have musical intonation and interesting etymological backgrounds.

One of the reasons why Ukrainian girl names are so popular is because of their religious connections. Most of the Ukrainian names are based on the names of saints or are traced back to the characters of the Bible that include Greek, Jewish and Latin origins.

And when it comes to tonality, many Ukrainian female names end with ‘a’. So if you like names that end with an “uh” sound, Ukrainian names are great to go with.

So if you are looking for popular Ukrainian girl names, we provide you with a comprehensive list of some of the best names to choose from!

There are many baby names that are popular in this country. However, the top 10 most popular Ukrainian baby names are:

  • Anastasia
  • Alina
  • Daria
  • Kateryna
  • Maria
  • Natalia
  • Sofia
  • Yulia
  • Victoria
  • Yelyzaveta

Best Traditional Ukrainian Names for Girls

For those who are steeped in tradition, Ukraine offers plenty of traditional Ukrainian baby names for girls. Some of them are:

Name Meaning Origin Popularity
Alina Light Slavic ****
Bohdana Given by god Slavic ***
Ganna Full of grace, favor Ukrainian ****
Inna Fast-flowing stream Ukrainian ***
Ivanna God is gracious Ukrainian *****
Lidiya The woman who is from Lydia, beautiful Ukrainian ***
Khrystyna One who is a follower of Christ Ukrainian *****
Oleksandra Protector of man Ukrainian ***
Yaroslava Worship God with devotion Ukrainian ****

Best Common Girl Names in Ukraine

One of the things that girls in Ukraine do not fall short of is the abundance of naming choices their parents have for them. So, if you are looking for common Ukrainian baby girl names, some of them are:

Name Meaning Origin Popularity
Anastasia Resurrection Greek *****
Kateryna Pure Ukrainian ****
Diana Heavenly Roman *****
Marta The lady Roman and Hebrew *****
Veronika Bringing victory Ukrainian ****
Yana God is gracious Russian ****
Yulia Youthful Ukrainian ***
Solomia Peace Hebrew ****
Zlata Golden Ukrainian *****

Ukrainian women names are not limited to the country only. Many such names travel abroad and are quite popular in other countries. Like:

Name Meaning Origin Popularity
Alona Oaktree Ukrainian ****
Angelina Messenger Greek *****
Daniela God is my judge Ukrainian ****
Mariya Beloved, star of the sea Ukrainian *****
Nataliya Birthday Russian and Ukrainian *****
Polina Humble Greek ****
Sofiya Wisdom Greek *****
Viktoria Victory Ukrainian ****

Names Of Famous Women in Ukraine

Considering some celebrity Ukrainian names? Then your kiddo can share the name with some of these famous ladies!

Name Meaning Origin Popularity
Maria (Zankovetska) Sea Latin ****
Olga (Kobylianska) Blessed, successful, or holy Scandinavian ****
Lina (Kostenko) Sunlight Greek ***
Lyudmila (Pavlichenko) Graceful people Slavic ***
Lesya (Ukrainka) Protector of humanity Russian ****

How to Know if a Name Fits Your Baby?

  • Make sure the Ukrainian girl names you choose go well with the surname and middle name.
  • The name should use the right sound and pleasing ring to it so that people love to enunciate it.
  • If you are going for a middle name, make sure it goes well with the first name. For instance, if the first name is Sophia, the middle names for Sophia would be Eva, Rose, May, etc.
  • Get the information on the connotations cute Ukrainian girl names have. This will help you decide further whether you want to go with the name or not.
  • If you have older children, try giving a name that goes in sync with their names. And that is especially the case if you have twins.
  • Try variations like using names from different origins. For instance, you can go for Greek, Italian or Samoan names.


With this range of Ukrainian girl names to choose from, we hope you will find the right one for your daughter! It is always best to dig a bit deeper into the etymology and popularity of the name before settling for it. So, we wish you all the best and hope that you can find the perfect option among so many Ukrainian baby names!

So, which of these Ukraine baby girl names do you like? Or perhaps you have your own favorite one? Then feel free to share some of our top choices in the comments below!

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